DempseyJ Illustrations

Project Description

Aside from making websites Dempsey Studios has another face, DempseyJ Illustrations. Creating illustrations and attending events such as comic cons over the last few years, DempseyJ Illustrations is a website to showcase the illustrations and artwork as well as the process of bringing these illustrations to life in regular YouTube Videos.

The website is created using Wordpress and has an online store to sell prints and originals of the illustrations. There are fan illustrations as well as crossover stories and an ongoing series called The Multiverse Story Arc, where superheroes and villains from multiple genres and series such as Marvel, DC, Anime, and even Fortnite are venomized in a build up to an epic battle. Each Illustration has an accompanying story, if you are interested be sure to check the site and YouTube Channel out.

Project Details

Skills Needed:

film Making
Davinci Resolve
Website Development
Website Design


Website Development
Website Design


DempseyJ Illustrations

Project Date:

August 2, 2016